INDUSTRY An offer for industrial customers

Our broad offer does not only meet the needs of large Polish and international corporations but also of small and medium-sized companies.

We attempt to satisfy the needs of our customers.

At Pfeifer & Langen, we manufacture sugar for customers representing various industrial sectors. Each of our functional products responds to specific requirements of our customers.


At Pfeifer & Langen, we rely on innovation, therefore if you look for any specialty sugar which is not yet on our offer, feel free to contact us. We will develop solutions matching your needs together with a team of experts: scientists, food technologists and production specialists.
We have already developed several hundred specialty products over recent years.

Supply chain

We provide logistics support to our customers. Our modern, cost-effectively managed supply chain ensures prompt and efficient delivery of the product using the optimum means of transport, in line with the customer’s request.

We are looking forward to co-operating with you!

Granulated White Sugar

Sugar, a common term used for the carbohydrate – sucrose. It occurs naturally in many plants, especially in sugar beet and sugar cane.


Segregated sugars

Range of segregated sugars includes fractions in the 0.15-3.14 mm granulation range developed to meet individual customer requirements.


Icing sugars

Icing sugar is produced by grinding crystalline sugar in a dedicated mill. This way a product with different grain sizes depending on the specific application can be manufactured.



Diamant syrups are completely natural products, free of artificial colourings and preservatives.



Fondant consists of very fine sucrose crystals dispersed in a saturated sucrose/glucose solution.


Cane and brown sugars

Cane and brown sugars, thanks to their color and aromatic note, are ideal for Producers looking for new, interesting flavors.


Organic Sugar

Organic (BIO) sugar is sugar which contains at least 95% of ingredients of agricultural origin, produced according to organic principles, and the production must be controlled by an approved certification body.


Decorating sugars

The decorating sugars category includes products used as a sprinkle over bakery and confectionery products.


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